Dosing pump

WDPHCF system integrates a control instrument and two proportional metering pumps and it is the perfect solution for specific dosage need like that of swimming pools sector.

It is equipped with backlit LCD display, encoder control, PVDF pump heads and liquid ends, stand-by, flow sensor input, programmable delay at dosing startup, pH priority dosage, service menu with probe reading value, probe check-up and alarms.

RS485 output enables remote control of WDPHCF through the exclusive ERMES system.

WDPHCF system has acid/base (pH) and flocculant gr/h (with 230 VAC output for chlorine) dosing parameters, electrovalve control and test function.


  • Backlit LCD display
  • Instrument control by a rotation “encoder”
  • PVDF pump heads and liquid ends
  • 2-ball valves
  • Stand-by
  • Flow sensor input
  • Programmable delay at dosing startup (max 60 minutes).
  • pH priority dosage
  • Service menu with probe reading value
  • Probe check up
  • Alarms: - damaged probe - max dosage - levels - voltage - flow

Measurement parameters

pH0/14 pH Flocculant with 230 VAC output for Chlorine 0/10 mg/l Cl2


Electrovalve control (230 VAC)
Test function


Manual venting
bar l/h cc/S
3 10 0,93
Self venting
bar l/h cc/S
3 7 0,65

Pump heads

  • PVDF


  • PVDF injection valve
  • PVDF level probe
  • PVDF foot/filter valve
  • 2 m PVDF delivery hose
  • 2 m flexible PVC suction hose
  • 2 m PVC outgassing hose


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